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People experience change all the time, both in the workplace and in their private lives. Some are sent abroad to work, some come from abroad, and others meet colleagues from diverse cultural backgrounds face to face. These situations can carry personal social challenges which are best approached pro-actively.

The impact regarding these daily experiences can be used as source of inspiration and challenge our points of view. Being able to shift and see things in an different light helps our social competence.

culture in motion will open your eyes to the creative possibilities these changes offer and will accompany you with experience and creativity, supporting you on your intercultural journey.


Inspired by the ever-changing world and the resulting dynamics, culture in motion offers seminars, workshops and consultations regarding your specific intercultural topics. Seminars are usually carried out by a team of two experts and include the following:

  • cultural sensitivity
  • business training for Germany
  • intercultural seminar USA
  • preparation for international projects
  • immigration and integration
  • training and further education in multi-national contexts
  • understanding, diversity and intercultural team-building
  • making documentaries, writing articles and compiling brochures


Among others, culture in motion has a successful cooperation with the following companies and organisations:

Clients in the commercial field include global players from the pharmaceutical, chemical, energy, cosmetics, transport and automotive sectors.

Seminars and workshops are realised for public administration and non-profit organisations, for example for the Robert Koch Institute, Caritas, the Stiftung der Deutschen Wirtschaft, the Bildungswerk der Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung, the Goethe-Institut, Engagement Global, for the Campus of Excellence, the Justizakademie NRW or for the Bundesinstitut für Berufsbildung (BiB).

Universities and higher education: University of Applied Sciences (HTW Berlin), Steinbeis University of Applied Sciences, Technical University of Berlin in the form of Adult Education (TU Berlin), the former FHVR, TH Wildau and University of Applied Sciences Ludwigshafen am Rhein.

Various university projects include the Engage project for the HWR Berlin School for Economics and Law, a diversity project at the University of Potsdam, continuing education programmes for the Alice Salomon University of Applied Sciences Berlin as well as for the Freie University of Berlin and the University of Dresden.

Profile and Contact

Portrait Friederike Denffer

Friederike von Denffer, dipl. Soc.

Freelance trainer and consultant for intercultural communication since 2000

Friederike von Denffer graduated in Sociology at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich · Degree course in Sociology, Psychology and Intercultural Communication (1993-1998) · Further education includes Intercultural Mediation, Tolerance Management, Diversity Management and Licensing for The International Profiler (TIP) by WorldWork London · She has travelled extensively in Australia, New Zealand, South-East Asia and the USA · Chief Editor of the professional journal mondial (ed. SIETAR Deutschland e.V.)

For further information, please feel free to contact:

culture in motion
Friederike von Denffer

Wundtstraße 58
14057 Berlin

+49 30-88 53 23 12

Other projects

Journal mondial

For many years I have been the editor of mondial, the SIETAR Journal for Intercultural Perspectives.
For years, the journal mondial (formerly SIETAR Journal) has been one of the leading journals for intercultural issues from theory and practice in the German-speaking region. In a balanced relationship between science (research) and practice (profession), reports, interviews and professional articles can be found. The journal provides information about events on intercultural communication and competence and offers references to activities of the regional groups and specialist groups of SIETAR Deutschland e.V.

Reading samples can be found on the website

mondali World Culture Calendar

Every day is a day of celebration – worldwide!

I enthusiastically develop and produce the mondali world culture calendar in a team, whose idea is unique. Based on my experience and sensitivity for global issues around diversity, tolerance and communication, an intercultural calendar is created that shows day by day what is celebrated where. With explanations.

mondali is an invitation to travel around the world: the Tamborrada of San Sebastián – the 24-hour drum festival in Spain, the Oscar ceremony in Los Angeles or Thadingyut Full Moon in Myanmar, where the bright, happy season begins, where little boats decorated with lanterns float away at night in the jet-black Mekong. mondali is a colourful collection of festivals and holidays of different cultures and religions.

Here you can find more information and a shop: · Instagram: @mondali_weltkulturkalender

Ene, mene, muh – Counting-out rhymes in various languages

Concept: Friederike von Denffer
Design: Dirk Biermann · dsgndsntmdtr (on Instagram)